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About Us
Our company has successfully developed since 1991 and it has been actively cooperating with foreign companies over the eight recent years. Scientific potential means scientists and designers, who once created the prior art of rocket technology, - these are present-day laboratories equipped with advanced instrumentation (Malvern/SprayTech, ThermaCam S60, 20CPU-Cluster) and up-to-date software (Flow Vision). An attempt of space technology concept and research development implementation in other commercial fields was crowned with success.
A perfect example of the said above is a gas-dynamic fine water spray extinguishment technology we developed, as well as heat exchange processes and acoustic studies, steam generation, etc.
The basic trend of our designs is creation of liquid spray systems of a wide flow rate range 25g/s through 100kg/s.
Our new technical solutions designed are legally protected in more than 30 countries. At present our patented inventions protected by 36 Russian and 186 foreign patents are commercialized and widely applied in different fields of engineering.

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